About Us

A very warm and sincere welcome to our site. Ladies just as the name of the site, though we administer it, you are the ‘She Conquers’. This is your place, your site to tell your story and share your wisdom. Your visit is not by coincidence but a realisation that you are better off making a choice to be confident, empowered and master your journey in life.



We all experience different life circumstances be it highs or lows. Each day carries its own story as part of your life chapters. You could be one of the most positive person in life finding it easy to keep motivated and energised but it seems impossible to maintain that on a daily basis. There are days you wake up feeling like doing nothing that even a cup of coffee fails to ignite your spirit. Wherever you are in life, your circumstances or experiences, we are here to keep you energised and empowered.

At She Conquers it is our deepest and heartfelt intention to engage with each and every one of you special ladies at a personal level and invite you to discover what you can offer the world, your abilities and talents whilst sharing experiences and lessons to help each and everyone of you to reconnect with your greatest dreams.


Our commitment

You will notice through our interaction, our posts or messages that She Conquers will never let you settle for anything less than your worth. Realise that despite your current situation be it health, failing relationships, marriage issues, unemployment, failing business—YOU STILL CAN!!—mind you this is the same place where many successful dreamers start from, the place where it hurts most. For the strong and empowered women who have already made it, it is only prudent and ‘womanly’ to help next lady conquer—you can also use our site to share, inspire, motivate and empower others.

We know your dreams are too valuable as such it is our mission to empower and inspire you through our life changing stories. We put you at the center of our work because by the end of the day, our greatest satisfaction is derived from leaving you more empowered, energised and ready to conquer, accelerate, confident and fearless.

We make this a warm place for all women from across the globe. Our identity goes deeper, it aligns with your goals, your ambitions,  your struggles and importantly your being women.

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