Are you an action taker or just a dreamer?

Here is the thing with dreams, are you taking action or you are just dreaming ? Is your inaction threatening to derail your dream of getting that great job, starting a new business, or changing your life? Are you in the habit of shelving off your dreams because of excuses, fear or the what ifs? If you have a burning desire of getting to the next level then you should be willing to go the extra mile. Forget about the likely challenges but declare that, today is the day when you start manifesting your dream. It only takes one thing, taking action. You have to stop believing in limitations but giving your dream your all whilst remembering that you are unique,  strong and powerful. Remain focused, fearless and relentless knowing that you will make it, maybe not immediately but eventually.

Yes, having a dream is a great starting point but that is just one piece, you can hold on to it dearly but if not coupled with action it just remains what it is-A Dream. Elieen Anglin couldn’t have put it any better “Your dreams will remain just a dream unless you take small and realistic steps towards achieving them.”

But how can I Keep the dream alive: Hit the snooze button one would say, pun intended. The privilege to snooze and do nothing is best enjoyed by a stopped clock that is right twice every day. If you were to assess its performance over time, the same stopped clock can boast of a long series of successes. To the contrary, when you snooze on your dream, you will without doubt lose. “Dreams don’t work unless you take action. The surest way to make your dreams come true is to live them.”  ― Roy T. Bennett

There are no two ways when it comes to your dream. You have to act on your dream for it to become a success. I am not talking about just an hour or a day but action that can go on for months, even years until something gives. You can afford to give your back to a number of things and get away with it but not when it comes to manifesting your dream. A well written script is only as appealing when it is acted on.

There is this thing about dreams, they can either see the daylight or just remain what they are, dreams. Kudos to you for coming up with the first part of your journey, but why hic up and fret about taking the next step. Your fears of being inadequate or incapacitated devour your can do spirit making you lose out to other dreamers who are daring and roaring to claim what is theirs. You have come up with a great dream, there hardly is any need for you to start pecking furiously at the edges coming with an inundating list of “what can’t be done”. What can’t or won’t shouldn’t pre-occupy your mind, stop that and focus on what can be done. Isn’t it the same feeling you had once upon a time when you lost out that potential partner to a rival suitor who perhaps was of less credibility to you because you blocked yourself with the usual “I can’t or I am not good enough”.

Why do you not believe in yourself, worry, stress and imagine things that might happen in the future? It is belittling to doubt yourself only to think that some people are more ‘lucky’ or special and deserve to achieve their dreams. Enough already with this self-doubt. If Mary can do it, what on earth can stop you Jane from making your dreams happen. It can happen to you with all the hard and smart work. There are situations in life when you need a wingman, that person who pauses as a compass. When it comes to taking action and getting the dream out, you are on your own.

I was once THAT girl, consumed in fear of failing yet with desires to have a perfect outcome with hardly any work. I really wanted that ostentatious life but dreaded taking any action. However, I finally realised that without taking the next steps my dreams were never going to come . Guess I am wised up now.

It is folly not to expect you to run out of motivation, energy and sometimes focus. There are many spanners and issues that will blow your way. At this point don’t avoid behaving like another Jane, who would start mourning at why unfair life is because they are facing one or two challenges. Every Jane would say, why me, each time I am onto something everything or everybody turns against me. No Jane, when you are blessed with a Big dream, it comes at the expense of your usual comfort. Nothing is amiss here if anything when you experience these challenges smile because your actions are in the right direction.



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