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About Jessica Silva
Born and raised in a small town, I moved out to a big city at 17 years old to pursue my degree in Computer Engineering. Somewhere in the midst of my college life, I started a business at 19, fulfilling my dream since 4th grade when I decided I wanted to be a business woman. I entered the blogging world shortly after in hopes of reaching people across the globe and be able to inspire and empower them to realize that it is always worth it to chase your dreams. I believe one is happiest while in the pursuit of a worthwhile dream, and that is what I continue to live out day after day. For more details about me and my business interest, please visit
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Do You Have What It Takes

28th September 2016 11

Have you ever questioned why some people are successful while others are barely making ends meet?  What makes them different, are they smarter or more […]