Be your own hero

When we are in a tough place, it is easier to turn to a victim mentality which unfortunately can have us wait, possibly for years or maybe forever. A hero, on the other hand, has the determination and bravery to bring the much needed change.

I too was once in that place for longer than I could possibly have handled. I had always imagined my life would be different, that there was something great I could do till I got stuck and took a job to get by. I hated my job so much that the thought of turning up every morning gave me a headache. I had never worked for a company that had no value for its employees or be with co-workers who had no drive to do something with their lives. This job was my only source of income and my livelihood and quitting it would have been devastating.

I was terrified of being in a much worse off situation so inevitably I started playing the victim card and formed in my mind the thought that a hero was to come and save me. Somehow listening to my inner gremlins gave me false sense of victory, that my misfortunes weren’t about me but the world made it difficult for me to get a better job. I entertained the victim card, and waited for long. The waiting took much longer and I wasn’t getting any better, I became more stressed and depressed.


I eventually summoned my thoughts and it dawned on me that only I could change my life. The day I quit my job was my happiest, I felt different and ready to take on new business opportunities. Yes, like I anticipated, losing a job meant failing to pay bills, failing to keep up with my other expenses but I now had more space, energy and focus to initiate and drive my business and face different challenges and opportunities on my journey.  I took charge of my life and became my own hero.

You could be experiencing a crisis because your negative inner voices are holding you back.  You might be getting a barrage of statements from your gremlins including, you are not cut out for this, you can’t save yourself, you are hopeless, you can’t fall in love, you can’t keep a relationship, you can’t land your dream job or run a business. What makes this worse is associated victim mentality where you blame everything and everyone else for your situation. You find it much easier to blame the next person but it never occurs to you that the one who is stalling progress is the person you see in the mirror .

You are unhappy because your co-workers frustrate you, your business partner has no clue of the business market, your family is forever burdening you and there are no jobs that suit your needs. You play the victim card to satisfy yourself and never take responsibility and stock of what you can potentially do and change.

There is no amount of motivation or advice that can steer you for as long as you take a seat and fold your hands waiting for someone with the power to save you.  We all go through tough challenges and difficulties and sometimes feel like we have limited power to control events in our life but we always have a choice to make. The difference in our lives is on how we respond. Do you choose to fold hands and let it be or choose to do something about your life? If you are in a dead end job you can’t stand, only you can take action and make valiant efforts to secure something you enjoy; if you are thinking of losing weight, its only you who can initiate the process; only you can start the business, mend or break away from a relationship.

We all love heroes especially because their stories always ends on a happy note. Just like the super heroes that save the day, its primary for you to accept what is happening around you, and then face the hard question; what can I do? Such a question directs you to find out what is important to you, how that can be achieved and the effort you put in to make that work.

The only thing you need now is to start making choices, dump the toxic inner voices and take responsibility for yourself. It is time to shake off your past struggles and mistakes and take on the issues at hand be it weight loss, heath, relationships, business or otherwise.

Just as they occur to us, the super heroes also go through a lot but in the end they save the world. I am going to have to say this again because it is the only truth; you have a very unique gift deep inside only you can unleash it and let it come to initiation. As with any journey, initiation period will test your faith, you will be met with resistance. If you are in search of love you might get hurt before you find a trusting relationship, you might fail many times in business before you make it, but importantly you need to persevere. What makes heroes the heroes there are is that they aren’t quitters but they overcome challenges be it mental, health, physical or financial. Your hero mentality will help you to be brave and push you beyond limits.

Whist it might appear to be unbelievable to hear someone tell you that you are your own hero, the story of JK Rowlings only serve to augment this. After deciding that she disliked teaching and her passion was in writing, the initiation process and journey was not without devastating death of her mother, failed marriage, depression, raising and taking care of her child.

As if the challenges weren’t enough even after finally finishing the script, the script was rejected by many publishers. J.K Rowlings could have done a number of things, lived off the unemployment benefits, gone back into full time employment, blamed her failed marriage, blamed her depression for her lack of progress and above all waited for a hero to come and rescue her. However, she made the most brilliant choice that today is benefiting every avid Harry Potter Fan. J.K Rowlings had nothing, she was at the rock bottom but how she responded turned her life for the best. You too can do more, unleash the hero inside you and let there be no limits to what you can offer the world.

I am now telling you to stop waiting the coming of   “knight in shining armour”, the hero is already resident in you. Unleash and initiate the hero and always remember as John Goode says  “…you are your own hero. Do not wait for someone to save you, rescue you or tell you that you are ok. Be the hero of your own story and never, ever let them make you the victim.”


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    Can’t thank you enough for this blog and your instagram page .You have helped me a lot ladies thank you.

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    Jackie lynne

    Amazing inspiration

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    Love this!! You have to save yourself no one else will. Be your own hero?

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    Ladies you definately know how to reach to someone. You have awakened something I have been supressing. Done waiting my time is now 😐

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    Some people go about their life being a liability to others adding unnecessary burden to everyone they come across be it friends or family. Why look up to others instead of excelling on their own. Just as you point out we all have things to fix so cant prioritise someone’s issues. Time for such people to start fixing stuff on their own.

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    Touching, this is why I love being my own hero ?✌?️

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    Nicely put, Sheconquers thank you for sharing your story, I have been inspired

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    Niece piece

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