We offer coaching services to help you through be it getting your motivation back,  breaking away from fear or focusing on your dream. Often we find ourselves failing to keep going despite how much we try. In such instances it helps to speak to someone before the situation gets worse off. If you have tried various ways to get yourself back up but still feel like you need additional help, we are happy to listen to your situation.

Depending on what suits you best, we are reachable via email, Skype or telephone.


To help us help you, we would need to get background information to your situation.  We will never coerce you into divulging any details that you feel uncomfortable with. Before we get started, you will be asked to sign confidentiality declaration to ensure all sessions are confidential, allowing you to explore your thoughts and feelings privately.

Email coaching

You can choose to use email coaching service.  Our process involves you typing out the issue you would like to work on, followed by a carefully considered response from us.  Depending on the issue, this could involve a series of email exchanges. In our response we would include recommendations, questions, and resources to get you moving forward. We will also draft goals and an action plan to keep you accountable. Email us here


Skype coaching

Our online Skype coaching service gives you some form of face to face coaching. The good thing about Skype is that it discussions are held in real time.  If you are to choose Skype, you would need to contact us via email to arrange an initial consultation.

 Price Plan

Email coaching is priced based on the sessions, materials and guidance but ranges from £10

Skype coaching is priced per hour. Each session cost £30


All payments are made via a secure online payment before the session. We take all payments via secured PayPal.



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