Signs you are settling for less than you deserve

When you reach a point where you switch off your usual standards and expectations to allow for continuity in a relationship wavering your partner’s perpetual bad behaviour, untoward tendencies you are just but settling. Unknown to you, you are at a stage where things you couldn’t stand are fast becoming acceptable despite the weight they exert on you. Understandably you are also bound to lose guard of your esteemed values. There is no situation, past or present that should cow you into settling and forgoing what you deserve.


But how do I know what I deserve in a relationship, in business, work or even in social settings? Knowing your worth and what you truly deserve is a premise to determine your best fit. Without understanding your worth it is hard to know if you are settling for less. It is paramount to get your goals, values and have clarity of purpose that informs you of what you want to achieve and deserve.

You could be working at a job where your colleagues and bosses hardly appreciate your effort despite your input; you are in a relationship where your partner constantly puts you down. It must occur to you that such attitude and behaviour can’t be associated with anyone who values you.  If you aren’t sure whether you are gravitating towards this fine fussy line, the following tips can be your campus;

  • If you find yourself ever searching for excuses to justify why you aren’t progressing in your career, why your business market is stagnant or why you can’t attain your dream, you are approaching the settling mode.  You realise that no matter how much you try, your boss never inspire you, your partner never encourage or support you to do your best but perhaps they are busy focused on criticising and putting you down.  To wean off the criticisms, you compromise more than your partner can ever do so you can accommodate them to meet their needs and desires at your very expense.
  • You might have invested your resources, time and energy in a relationship or a job that pays bills and have established a sense of pseudo security. You are now accustomed to the things around you that you question the reason you should call for a change. However, sometimes you need to realise that no matter the time you put in something, for as long as it doesn’t feel right, you will end up short-changing yourself.
  • Those who achieve the best things in life never get to say they got them easily, a relationship might not be as easy as happy couples make it seem, a promotion for those holding top office isn’t delivered on a silver platter. So why do you stop taking on challenges because they seem hard. Don’t you think if were easy, the next person will be taking on the position you are after. The only thing you need now is to start making choices, dump the excuses and take responsibility for yourself. It is time to shake off your past struggles and mistakes and take on the issues at hand be it heath, relationships, business or otherwise so you can derive what you deserve.
  • No doubt there are bad mean people out there who after anyone’s downfall. Such types of people were there in the past, are there in the present and will always be there for life. Should you shelve you dream, your ideas and ambitions solely because there is a likelihood that someone might come after you. There is no one successful person who never avoided being kicked in the face or trolled on the web. By alienating yourself from your plans you are empowering them. Such a self-defeating attitude only exposes more and makes you settle for the status quo.
  • Seems each day is never the right day for you to take the necessary steps. You find yourself accepting that settling for less is now okay so you can remain in your comfort zone.  Yes, we all need to relax, have a glass of wine, burger, or watch latest movies on Netflix but if this becomes part of your daily life you are certainly settling. How do you expert to develop or grow when you invest far less time for the career you want to have, the degree you want to achieve, the relationship you hope for and for the business that will change your life.


Take time to reflect on some of these signs and shake things off whether you want to start a new life, start a new degree, start a business, a relationship or a new career. It doesn’t matter whether life throws you a few curve balls, you owe it yourself to find your feet and keep moving. You cannot afford to be emotionally conflicted when you are fully aware that you are being short changed in your current situation. The longer you wait and procrastinate the more likely you will be more fearful of breaking off the status quo and  get what you deserve


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    Yes knowing my worth and never settling for less thank you

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    Great article great blog looking forward to more posts .

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      I really liked this affirming article. Thank you’

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