Sometimes elevation requires separation

Do you want to be at a different level, are you aiming to improve your life and achieve your dreams. Such desires might not just come whilst you are still having the same things or people around you. You have to be separated from your current situation –be it from some people, some things or even some places.

When it comes to people-be it family, friends, colleagues or acquaintances you need to keep your eyes peeled. Not everyone around you is going to be good for you-not everyone has your interest at heart. Some will stall you literally, some will instill fear in you and let alone even sabotage your dreams. They want you where you are so be on guard because they will never want to see you grow, transform or be better than them. Don’t be fooled, not everyone who calls themselves a friend is a true friend.

I too had a fair share of friends, some who besides wasting valuable time were busy hating on my moves. You get suffocated and never get any support or better still pushed to do better. Instead of getting pushed, they cast doubt in you, they want you to remain and never believe in your abilities. Can you get to the next level when surrounded by people who doubt you, can you better yourself when your very friends tell you, you cant or better still friends who never aspire to change or do better. They are comfortable and happy where there are. Each time you are told you cant, you eventually end up believing that you ain’t capable-You cant get to the next level when you are surrounded by people who are less driven and lack ambition. If you go by the flow, it will be much easier for you to get consumed by laziness, pessimism, and lack of ambition.

There is every truth in the saying—You are the average of five people you spend the most time with. You want to be successful, you have strong desires to do better, to improve, to better your life then look at who is around you-Being around people who believe in you, people who are aware of your potential, your capabilities can make a huge difference in your life. You have every reason to surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be.

Once in a while, we have moments when we doubt ourselves, those moments when our motivation is low and feeling like shi*. When you are around motivational people, you will be uplifted, they will drive you and you can still smash your goals.

If you are around people who can’t inspire you will never make it in life. Having self-driven people in your circle has a huge impact. You can not grow when you are around less driven, less successful or less ambitious people. Don’t fool yourself, if you cant do away with them, you are less likely to elevate yourself. Some people have to be left behind or on the sidelines and let you make the moves. It might be difficult or painful but this is the only way for you to get elevated.

It might be hard to leave or separate from some people-You might feel sad and emotionally distraught-Look beyond emotions and never let them come in between your goals.  This is about you, about your life and future so make a choice and never be afraid to separate yourself from people who cant grow or choose to remain. Its time to bid them farewell, so long and be on your way up.


Some places aren’t just good for you

Do you associate your current mishaps with certain places-do you feel like you are in a box because the places you are in offers you no options? Some places have physical and emotional effects on us. Growing up in a village, I knew I wouldn’t get the best out of me-Besides the usual of getting to school and getting a job, the place lacked everything-there was nothing. To make it I had to find ways of removing myself from that place. In hindsight when I look back, I feel that was the best decision ever.

Sometimes to get started in business, to launch a career, to be a successful actor, or to be sports person you need to remove yourself from your current place. Opportunities tend to occur in other places and without the willings to separate yourself from the current places, you will remain the same, you will not grow or develop.

Let go of somethings and habits.

Are you wearing yourself out with a number of things you do, are you going by being too busy doing things that will never improve you, are your concentrating on things that have no value. This is just unnecessary baggage.

What is your bad habit, what things occupy your time-are you always flicking through TV channels, always finding gossip on social media, trotting from pub to pub or being on a night bender, Monday to Monday?  These things are distractions-they will mess with your focus and will rob your time

You need a new approach. You need to separate yourself from such distractions. It’s important to understand who you are at a deep level to understand your own personal distractions and what things you need to separate from. Take some time to think about your goals and the things in your life distracting you from achieving them. The universe will open new doors for you once you realize which doors to close for good.

It doesn’t mean that as you separate from your past you will not fall. Of course along the way you might mess up, fall or make mistakes but the good thing is you will be moving forward. The good news is all these struggles are normal. We all go through them. You will come out on top. You will win. You will succeed

Life isn’t just for living, it is about growth and change. It’s about finding something you are passionate about and developing yourself. Life only gets better when you feel like you are achieving and conquering.

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15 Comments on Sometimes elevation requires separation

  1. I too have got to realise this after some people were just making me stay the same-toxic environment that was-had to let go fast now I am heading off

    • Its the hard truth, some people aren’t good for your growth.Only you know who can influence and drive your ambitions. Never hesitate to do away with people who cant contribute to your growth

    • Yes some places aren’t good for even generating ideas. There are environments that can trigger a person to be innovative. If you get influenced by a change in environment go for it.

    • Sometimes we are our worst enemy, bad habits can destruct us from focusing on achieving our goals and dreams. If you can, find ways to unlearn bad habits and start getting used to even a few good ones.

  2. This is so true, lived this life of being part of a groupie, did nothing but talk about people. In hindsight where are those people we used to talk about-way up just living their life. There is nothing I gained but perhaps lost all

    • Sometimes we easily lost in this sort of life just going by what others say or think. Your life is more than just being part of a groupie.

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