Tackling politics in the workplace at the Global Business Women’s Breakfast

A morning of inspiration, education and networking marked the second edition of the Global Women’s Breakfast

by Nahda Abdalla (Senior Communications Officer (Dubai))




Navigating politics in the workplace was the topic of discussion during the second edition of the Global Business Women’s Breakfast in Dubai – a leadership development forum organised as part of an exciting series of events under the Cass Global Women’s Leadership Programme.

The innovative initiative, in partnership with The Coca-Cola Foundation, supports women MBA scholars with the exceptional potential to become leaders of tomorrow.

Hosted by Esra Baykal, Dubai EMBA Coca-Cola Global Women’s Leadership Scholar, the event saw Caroline Faraj, Vice President CNN, reflecting on the challenges faced and lessons learned during her 30-year career.

Caroline Faraj, Vice President, CNN

Ask for your rights

Speaking to a diverse audience of women leaders working in various industries, Faraj said:

“As women, we’re nurturers by nature, but we have to remember that we can’t please everyone. We tend to be excellent negotiators for others, but hardly for ourselves. Don’t be afraid to ask for your rights, no matter how small, because at the end of the day, it’s a matter of principle. If you feel that you’re being overlooked for new opportunities, take the initiative to make your manager aware of your capabilities.”

Handling conflict at work

On handling conflict in a work environment, Faraj advises:

“Before reacting to a situation, give yourself 24 hours to get some perspective and calm down, and always seek the opinion of a neutral person who can be your voice of reason.”

Esra Baykal, Dubai EMBA Coca-Cola Global Women’s Leadership Scholar

Learning from experience

According to Baykal, events such as the Global Business Women’s Breakfast provide a platform for women to exchange thoughts and offer advice on topical issues affecting them in the workplace.

“There are many admirable leaders, such as Caroline, in the Middle East who have a tremendous amount of experience, and we can all learn from their stories.

“What I find most impressive about the Cass MBA programme is that it gives students the opportunity to network with these leaders, while also developing their soft skills in areas like communication and negotiation, and hence empowering them to do better in business.”

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