Take a lover who isnt afraid of your strength

Beyond the physical attraction, relationships should exude the spirit of togetherness, allowing a couple to function in uniformity regardless of inherent differences. However, in a mutually inclusive relationship, a strong bond isn’t a premise to lose your independence. A loving partner doesn’t have to subdue you or deny you of your independence and voice.
You are likely to become a shadow of your former self if you lose the much needed independence. It is a common mistake that one has to compromise on their independence to be seen as committed. Your individual personality dislikes and hobbies should still prevail especially if they are inclined to the positive.You need to raise the red flags if your partner insists you change your personality, your hobbies, and interests to better suit their vision of who you must be.It is understandable that our similarities makes us like our partners more and do things together, but it is equally important to be different. You can’t hide your opinions or dislikes to just make your partner smile. A partner who isn’t comfortable with you standing for what you believe probably shouldn’t be part of you. Your partner should be comfortable hearing your opinions, even when it means disagreeing in a healthy manner. This is further from being less loving or less committed but that at some point you are bound to have different points of views.Be mindful that being in a relationship doesn’t mean you should also sacrifice your dreams for them. You know you are with the right partner if they push you and challenge you to be better a and to do more. Their support does not just come in words or lip service, it comes in the form of actions and sacrifice. Empowered men empower women.Your partner should unconditionally love you for who you are without forcing you into a narrow mould. Because you are unique, strong, independent and of high value, always remember to stand up for yourself when necessary, and never be afraid to ask “Why?”

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