Things you should do differently in 2018

Boom 2018 is here. You have got you 365 fresh, minted and unspoiled days. A new year is a chance to improve, to do better and get closer to reaching your dreams whether especially if 2017 was a shi*show.  So how do you make the utmost of the momentum that comes with a new year, and take significant positive steps towards the life you want to live?  I know you probably have got yourself a list of resolutions-good start but this year you have to do even better. You are not just going to be about goal setting but be the real goal getter. This is not the year to burned by unachievable goals but instead get empowered by shifting your focus. Sharpen your abilities to do, to achieve and to bring results. Remember, just a year can do a lot to a person’s health, career, business, and relationship. What you couldn’t achieve or accomplish in 2017 should not stop you from making moves in 2018 and getting what is yours.

Don’t drag any baggage, any doubts or perceived shortfalls of 2017  into 2018. There is no doubt you will make mistakes, you will get frustrated and experience challenges – and that is still okay. In an ideal year, we would all want to sail smoothly but not in this world. There will be moments when you fail, when you feel hopeless but never let such times deter you but instead know you are being re-directed. Every failure takes you closer to your success. You have a chance to start clean and here is how you can make this year work for you;

Never waste any day

Treat your days and hours this year as your bank balance, something you can lose out to if you just spend unwisely. Be very jealous of your time this year. Do not wait for some kind of moment to start grinding. From day one it’s all systems go, lights out –no bullshi*. When you waste time, dilly-dallying thinking that maybe you will start getting serious mid-January, or February- you will have lost ground. Have a plan and learn to manage your time well and don’t leave room for procrastination in 2018. Procrastination is no angel as everything about it is ruinous. If you gamble and take your chance with it, it will dampen your creativity and hamper your productivity. Procrastination can drive you to low-down funks and trigger anxiety. I take the issue of procrastination to heart as it can be the very stumbling block stopping you from achieving your goals, making the necessary changes and gaining full control of your life.

Plan your year

I can tell you with so much confidence that 365 days is more than enough to achieve your dreams. Don’t go about wallowing in self-pity and saying you ain’t got much time. What you need is just but a plan. A single hour, a single day can be plenty plus if you manage your time and plan well. Start this year with a plan. Hold dear to it because this might be just the thing that make you achieve your dreams.

Whatever you do, make sure any trivial things that have nothing to do with you and your journey falls on the sides—just view these as distractions. Its much easier to get distracted especially at the beginning of the year. What makes distractions difficult is they resonate with our desires. Those desires of wanting to catch up with friends, the desires to relax, go out and have fun. What you need more is DISCIPLINE. Without it, you will lose focus on your plans. Planning is that essential tool you need to deliver on your goals and meet targets in 2018.

When you have a working plan, you also able to make time fitness training, socialising, and time for personal development. No matter how productive you intend to be this year, leave a bit of room for downtime because you just can’t be on the go all the time.

Remain focused

As you go by this year, there is no looking left or right its just straight ahead. Don’t be hoodwinked by naysayers and their insecurities. There is no point in making yourself available to those who cant add value to your journey or those who project their fears onto you. Treat each of this year’s days as an investment, don’t lose even an hour to someone who isn’t going to double the return. Only you can lose out. Your attitude for 2018 is no to this nonsense –it doesn’t make your life better but worse.

Focus on you, your desires and ambitions and never compare yourself to others – Its their journey, you have yours to work out. Don’t give a fuc* about someone else’s journey because its got nothing to do with you.

On some days, weeks or months you might get frustrated and unmotivated, that’s okay but never let this distract your focus. What you need is to face up to your emotions and instead of letting them dictate your reasoning, you need to drown them and persevere. Engage your reasoning and let the benefits you are likely to derive drive you through any mishaps. Emotions or no emotions you should never lose sight of your targets this year.


Keep away from negativity

As you strive or work hard you are bound to face negativity in a smaller or bigger way.  More often negative energies arise out of people who may not understand you or see you as a threat to their own path. You may face instances which demoralise and make you question your own worth.  The key to dealing with it is IGNORE!  No one decides benchmarks for you. Put yourself above judgments and opinions people make out of you for their own good.  It’s a good idea to keep aware of opinions as you get free advice on areas to polish, however, never give any weight to negative comments.  Your well-wishers would never make you feel terrible but instead, they will find a way to convey their advice in a right manner. An attempt to shatter your soul and spirit is danger! Believe in yourself, ignore negativity and walk away from places which attempt to kill your confidence.  Be around people who get the best out of you.

Be Bolder

This year is about getting what you are after, there is no waiting, there is no fear. You are only going to be bolder and brave. Whatever chance presents itself, be there. Be the first to reach out and take on that opportunity. This is not the year to leave anything to chance but being hungry and ready to identify whatever works for you.

The least thing you want is fear. If it means approaching other successful people, please do without hesitation, if it means pitching ideas to big businesses or investors go for it. The worst response you can get is a No but equally that could be a realignment with better opportunities-so just go for it.

Whatever you do, realise there is power in being around the right people, right places. Do not hesitate to network with the right people.  There are multiple benefits derived when you surround yourself with like-minded people who are success-driven. You will benefit from their experiences and how they deal with challenges and remain driven.

Whatever you do or dream you can do – begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Fear nothing and just go for it.

Whatever it is you are after, only you can create the life you love. I know it can be scary to deal with the unknowns as you get about trying to accomplish your goals. Whatever fears you might have, don’t find yourself clinging on to 2017, take that leap of faith, be brave and just go for it.

You have to nurture the I CAN DO spirit.  Your can do spirit makes you stand against any fears, natural or imposed. Often fear can make you doubt your potential. The best way to remain true to yourself is to confront your fear(s), overcome them, not just once but as many times and solidify your belief in what you can do, come rain or shine.

Whether you are starting the year at the rock bottom or on top of your game, whether you are in a negative or positive situation-you are the boss lady in charge of you today, tomorrow and the future. I can’t stress enough that you have the privilege to make choices for where you want to be and how you can change your situation this year.

Remind yourself you have choices; Even though you are set to achieve your goals, it doesn’t mean you are not likely to face similar challenges. Whatever it is, know that there is always a choice. No matter how hard things can look or sound, there is a way things can be turned around. Despite the myriad of challenges, life also presents you with a lot of choices. It is up to you to weigh them and where necessary consider any trade-offs for what is necessary today versus the life you want in the future.

Happy 2018 to you all.

Make it a point that you only spend time with genuine friends, colleagues and family and distant yourself from the negative ones-you know those who are into drama, the gossipers, naysayers. Be around dreamers, does and those who are about changing their life.  Let this year be about new habits, new journeys and a year of fulfillment.


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  1. This got to me big time, was just about to delay my action plan. That aint happening, am on the grind just from right now. Am going to get everything the year has in store

  2. I am done getting scared, I am getting up on my feet and meeting people with interest in pushing boundaries. My only option is being bold.

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