6 bad habits that can stop you from succeeding

How are your little bad habits affecting your life? The things we do will, in the end, have a massive effect on our lives, both good and bad. Don’t be damned one day when you wake up to be the person shaped by what you repeatedly do. There is no oh my gosh, what happened to me!!! Those small little things you do will one day build and become you. I am talking about poor or bad habits that rob you of your freedom, your dreams, and happiness. Here is how you can keep in check of those little bad habits;

Focusing on everyone’s story except your own.

Its okay to be motivated by what others have achieved but don’t let that be your life. You have your own life to live, to build and to take charge off. You cant just park your goals and dreams and be lost in other peoples lives.  You need to stay focused on what you are about, what you need and what makes you a unique person. Following others, admiring others for the sake of it never transfers their fortunes to you. You still have to do your bit, to hustle and grind. The change you see and admire in others only come when you start doing something about you. No-one is going to come and change things for you but you. Take your time to put down your own goals, set your targets and soar to new heights.

If you continue to live a life of scrolling down on Instagram looking at other peoples wealth and flamboyance-you will not win. Its them, you don’t know their story and how they came to be where they are now. Chances are before all their successes, they too worked hard and never focused on someone else but them. Never find yourself sitting on the sidelines admiring the success of others while your dreams fall apart.

Always waiting for the right moment

A perfect moment can never come at the perfect time. There is never a perfect moment. Folding your hands and seeing opportunities passby because you are waiting for a perfect moment is futile. The universe can align things for you as you take on opportunities. If you fold your hands, the universe will also fold. Everyone one of us is presented with opportunities, take chances and be on the go.  Don’t buy into the myth of the perfect moment.  Your perfect moment is now even when you feel like you are struggling with debt, with no job prospects or facing uphill challenges-that is the perfect moment. What you just need is the ‘perfect’ mindset. Things can be tough but be your own warrior and declare that you are here to win.

Don’t get stuck in fear and live in the what if situation, but instead start now and go after your dream.

Working only to get a paycheck and nothing else

Whatever you do, passion is key. Being in a job which you don’t like is tough, its kind of self-imprisonment. I am not saying you should only get a job you are fully aligned to but atleast you need to work on something that interests you. Spending hours on a daily basis on something you don’t like can never add value to your growth except the paycheck. A work environment should put you into a thinking mode, you are always about innovating, findings ways to improve on things, taking leadership, being part of a team and even coaching others. All this makes you grow but when you are disinterested and find your working boring, you will hardly grow but instead get stressed and even become less hopeful of your future opportunities.

If you think about it, you spend most of your time at work than home, so make it work and never let your work define you especially if you are not passionate about it. Don’t just settle for the paycheck but find something that interests you. Of-course when you keep a joyless job you will get through life, pay bills and get by but in the end, you will get stressed.

Living in fear

Like many others, I used to play scenarios over and over and think of possible things that could potentially go wrong.  It never helped, it doesn’t help and its not good for you. Fear holds you back, it incapacitates and it stops you from developing. Most often, fear is like an illusion. Your mind believes that if you do take on a challenge you will fail or if you go for a new business you are going to lose your savings, lose a job and struggle. When you listen to such thoughts over and over you begin to believe them.

Take a long at things you once had fear over, wouldn’t you laugh at things that almost stopped you. Sometimes the things we fear stops us from taking opportunities, from progressing and succeeding even though such things eventually come to nothing. Let go of your fears, infact face up your fears and come out strong. Don’t let fear whisper distractions in your ear. Never let fear stop you from doing something awesome. Say no to fear of being judged, fear of failing, fear of hard work, fear of the unknown or unfamiliar. Sometimes you just gotta say “f**k it”, am going for it.

Dwelling on difficulties

Everyone takes a tumble, everyone makes mistakes. You have a bad day, I have a bad day. Misfortunes happen every day to someone but don’t make a bad day or mistake anything more than what it is. When you have fallen the only logical thing to do is to get back up. Don’t stay where you are and fleet with your mistakes. When you zoom into a problem, you are likely to invite more negatives thoughts and how your situation is more difficult.

Yes, tough times can come but they never last. Whatever you do, know that you will face setbacks but also realise there will always be a comeback. Each day will present possibilities and opportunities to learn.

 Letting other people decide what is possible for you

People will always have opinions.  Have you noticed how some people are quick to say you cant achieve your dreams?  You would think as friends, relatives or colleagues they would rally behind you and give you support.  Hear it from me, never believe naysayers especially those that disguise as friends or concerned individuals. You get judged, discouraged and even stopped from trying to be different. Don’t waste your time listening and even paying attention to negative people and naysayers. Let them take on their own advice. People will always attempt to dismiss what they don’t understand. You know much better what you can achieve, what is good for you and what you are capable of doing.  Always be on top of things and have a plan for what you want to achieve. Know what your priorities are and take action on them. Take control of your schedule. Release all doubts. Avoid naysayers and Skeptics. If you do share your plans, don’t let anyone discourage you or try and tell you that you cant. They can’t but you can. Choose things that you have passion for, things you believe can make you great and just get on with it.  Whatever you do be ambitious, be driven and be on the grind. Live your life with meaning and purpose and fulfill your legacy.

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  1. I have been told a million times to do something with my life, to rise and abolish the I am working for someone mentality-this posts has hit hard

  2. Grew up thinking being extra helpful to others and not yourself is way to go..No it isnt it; instead of developing yourself you put loads of hours into someone’s life-and that person is likely to achieve their dream–in the mean time my dream is on standby

  3. I am an overthinker generally and worse when facing difficulties, its a nightmare. I over analyse and just focus more on the difficulties and not even pay any little attention on other opportunities. Thanks for this

  4. thank u so much for this post and for alla the work u do 😉 . i now want to focus on the things that i want to build but this is also as needed as the hope and motivation… thruth :).

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