8 Things Truly Confident People Do Differently

Against all odds, a truly confident woman is always feeling radiant beaming the widest smile. You would think its about their wealth, relationship or business empire. Far from it, its never about material gain or personal relations but how they embrace CONFIDENCE. They never disappoint as they carry themselves with an air of grace, and determination.

You cant miss their aura as truly confident people set themselves apart by doing things differently.

They know when to say Yes or No

Ever heard of the yes sir, yes ma’am kind of people? “I am off to the gym to train can you join me?”, “ooh yes was about to go shopping but that can wait I will join.” “Would you want to go out for a drink? “Of course I would love to, was going to prepare for my job interview but a drink can refresh me”.

It is overwhelming to be a  yes person. A truly confident person understands the power of saying NO and the associated value. They know when to say YES and NO. A NO to them comes at the right time especially when it stops them from overstretching, burning out and even losing focus. Truly confident people can say NO without mincing their words or using meaningless phrases such as “I am going to have to think about it”, or “I might be interested”. Its either YES girl I am in or sorry NO I cant help you on this occasion.

Source of happiness is from within

Pushing a smile through can be a rarity for some people but not for those who are truly confident. It doesn’t matter what they don’t have,  or do have, whether its a rainy day or sunny one, confident people are just happy with themselves. They get about life being happy, taking every opportunity to be grateful and thankful for what they have.

Their happiness sets them to reach some AWESOME level of confidence. Whatever they do, small or big they always feel satisfied.

Never pass judgement

Ever notice that it is usually the low lives that make piercing and painful judgements over others. The very lot, sitting on their bums the whole day are quick to come out guns blazing attacking someone who is actually making an effort. These people are manifesting as the keyboard warriors be it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc, they JUDGE, JUDGE and JUDGE.

Surprisingly, a truly confident person can either engage, make a contribution or offer helpful criticism. They are aware that we all have something to offer. They know very well that if they can make it so too can you. They stay in their lane and are aware there is enough room for them as there is for you. Confident people do not stress about what the next person is doing or find ways to stop you from making progress in your life.

They Listen More than They Speak

There are people you just condemn yourself for asking a simple question. The sort that can go on connecting unrelated matters, speaking on top of their voices just to go on and be seen as if they are in the know. I call them conversation hoarders. The sort that drowns everyone with their words. They feel like if they aren’t talking, then no-one should because they just have to prove a point. They just have to let you know they have a bit of knowledge of all matters at hand. They are relationship experts, they know about share trading, they are economic experts and the rest of us should just listen. I get such people’s sense of insecurity.

Truly confident have nothing to prove to no-one. It doesn’t matter the perceptions or thoughts anyone would have against them. Importantly, they know who they are and where they stand. So often truly confident people use their ears more than they open their mouths. They draw and sharpen their minds to capture any valuable information or leads so they can learn and grow. They don’t seek for validation but value addition.

They celebrate every little success

You have managed to get started on a business, why not pat yourself, you have started going to the gym, another pat, you are changing jobs, why not celebrate. A less confident person would say “I cant celebrate such small achievement, this is just mediocre, what will other people take me for”.

Well, truly confident people don’t have to wait for the Eureka moment. For every small thing they achieve, they give themselves a big pat. Truly confident people know that celebrating small achievements makes them hunger for more and even bigger things.

They Don’t Seek Attention

Whether driving an old battered car, walking past others people, even updating social media-for less confident people its about who has seen me, have they approved me, am I being cool.

What a complete turn-off, waste of space and time. NOONE wants such baggage in their life. I will tell you what attracts people to others.

The power lies with those who are confident of themselves, people who don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Truly confident people display an attractive attitude that makes them more appealing. They don’t seek for your approval or otherwise.

They Aren’t Afraid to Be Wrong

A less secure person would think that if they are wrong, people will lose confidence in them and can be seen as weak. Wrong, you are weak to think that you should always be right. When you gain confidence in yourself you cant be afraid of being proven wrong. Confident people are always ready to put their opinions out there. What is the worst that could happen, if their opinions are lacking, they learn from those in the know. For a truly confident person, every opportunity is a learning opportunity.

They Aren’t Afraid to Ask for Help

When you know where your stock of intelligence, skills and talent lie, you are no stranger to seeking for help in areas that are limiting. Confident people are comfortable with their strengths and weakness. Where they find need for additional help they are happy to ask. Help to them is about building on their strengths and weakness to have a better result. There is nothing motivational like a truly confident person as they have the upper hand over the doubtful and the skittish because they inspire others and they make things happen.


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    Martha Timothy

    This is on point, nice piece ladies

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    Ivy black

    Thank you Queens I always look forward to reading your blog .

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      Thank you ivy happy you enjoy our blog

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    Monique M

    I’ve been walking around with a note I wrote taped to the back of my phone for over a week, “success is not just income, it is first a frame of mind in all aspects of ones life, then making it a reality”. I will move forward this day giving myself a pat or celebration for each accomplishment. Thank you for sharing & inspiring, I appreciate your page. I shared on Pinterest ?

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      Thank you Monique and we love your mindset

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    Faye Mckenzie

    Love your comment on Confident people are happy from within. It’s not about material gain.

    I also love that confident people celebrate small achievements. That’s really important. I learnt to celebrate achievements also before they happen. It’s like a self filling prophesy. @Favour_Faye

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    this is lovely…keep it up

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