Ambition is sexy

You can have a beautiful face, a great smile, and nice body but still fall far short of being sexy. Disagree all you like but above all things, looks or beauty nothing beats the ultimate trait –Ambition. I know ambition gets a bad rap but it is not a bad word – its empowering and liberating. Nothing is more sexier than a woman who is ambitious.  Even in a relationship, it is the person’s desire, determination and drive to do better that count more.  Such a person will never settle but is a goal getter who is keen to grow, push and reach exceptional levels in life. Now that can never get boring-beauty can fade off but ambition never ceases to amaze. You got to agree, a woman who comes with above all ambition is a lethal weapon-they are game. Be assured this is the person you ought to be or need because they will support, challenge and push you to do better.

Sadly, despite how we all love and feel for a strong ambitious woman, society has in the past despised and cursed them. Ambitious women have been called names and looked down on. The words-she is pushy, domineering, or an uptight bit** have been thrown at will.  Women can be allowed to be strong but not ambitious. How often do you hear that women should only have one goal to achieve in life-get married and be the pillar of the family? Women are thought to be less interesting when they invest more time in building a career, building business or are just driven. For some wicked reason, a successful and ambitious woman was once considered abnormal because only men were allowed to want it all. The good thing is, that is changing, more women are now more driven. We want it all-so too should you!!

There is nothing off about us ambitious women, so there is no need to have your ambitions cloaked in doubt. You are by no means egotistical. There is no good enough reason for you to downplay your desire to succeed –That stops now!!! Here is why ambition is even sexy for us women;

Ambitious women are independent

There is nothing as sexy as a woman who hustles to get her own. Such a woman is independent, strong and is the type of woman we should all admire.   Growing up I was always surrounded by strong and opinionated women. I have had the pleasure of being around clever, funny and determined women.

As a strong woman, when you add ambition to your life, you are able to look after yourself. Everything about you is spot on. Your approach to whatever you do is a factor of your confidence and instincts. You aren’t pre-occupied with the what ifs or over-reliant on input by others. You have everything in your reach. You don’t have to reach out to anyone but you are self-sufficient. You got it—yes whether be it your career, work, relationship or business you can get assistance but you don’t wait for handouts or to be led.

You are self-driven and have the desire to want to get things with or without the input from others for as long as it feels right. As usual its expected some people will find you as a threat. You will get all sorts of underhanded comments and raised eyebrows. They want you to be a victim of your independence the reason they want you to have to prove things over and over again. Never back down or give them the time of your day.

Ambitious women prioritize their time with their goals and values

Ambitious women can have it all. They too value the importance of relationships, careers and business. They know how to prioritise their time, activities, where they need to be and what matters most. For an ambitious woman, life is about making choices and getting your priorities right. You are clear on what matters and in what order. You have a deepened sense of commitment to yourself and understand the voices that lie beneath. You are never afraid to commit to your priorities despite the opinions of others. You arrange schedules for the family, partners or friends knowing when to engage or disengage. A woman with ambition never spends time on things that bring no value or worth. You do what they do out of love, passion and desire.  You know what works for you, what can make you make the difference and like-wise what doesn’t.

An ambitious woman brings a full package in a relationship

When it comes to relationship, ambition attracts ambition. You are far less likely to just settle for anyone. Your ambition will get you someone who takes on challenges and pushes you further. For you, finding someone with goals and passion to achieve them is beyond thrilling.  An ambitious partner is more likely to go for a woman who has goals and dreams. You are not just in a relationship but become part of ‘team’- someone your partner can take on the world with – and that’s how a relationship should be.

Remember those who find you too ambitious and throw shade are just jealous of your success. Ambition is nothing to hide. Don’t be terrified of being ambitious especially in the public’s eye because society has in the past ridiculed us.  Don’t be afraid to be a woman who leads, amazing parent, givers, generous, philanthropic, funny and very ambitious. Everyone wants to be around an ambitious woman.

Ambitious women never settle for less

A woman with ambition never thinks of settling. You are aware of your worth and will never let do things just for the sake of it. You always set new standards to slay goals and achieve their dreams. You have it in you to expect and get good things. An ambitious woman expect to be well remunerated, to have abundance in choices, abundance in love and are always feeling positive about life and their own prospects. You can only pursue career or business that inspires you.

You never let anyone make you feel bad about your hustle. If anyone is intimidated by your drive and ambition then there aren’t good for you.  You only need someone who’s gonna encourage you to be better to get to the next level.  Only be with people that match your hustle.

Ambitious women are goal slayers

An ambitious woman doesn’t go by life just being “ehhh whatever”. You are focused and know what you want. All you want is the best.  When it comes to dreams and goals, you sets high standards. The world is your oyster, own it. A woman with ambition just goes for it, you don’t fold your hands and wait for anything to be delivered to you. You are about getting and grabbing things by the horn. That is powerful, unique, liberating and sexy.


Remember those who find you too ambitious and throw shade are just jealous of your success. Ambition is nothing to hide. Don’t be terrified of being ambitious especially in the public’s eye because society has in the past ridiculed us.  Don’t be afraid to be a leader,  to be philanthropic, funny and very ambitious. Everyone wants to be around an ambitious woman. You must be willing to set a dream for yourself not just to tell the world. Ambition is sexy, embrace it and get shi*t done.

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  1. Amaizing ??? I really love this site, it makes me discovering things about my self, encourage me, I don’t have any one to encourage me outside except my self, so what I do is to read your articles here, and to remember that i’m not doing this to my self, but to the goodness of others, thanks a lot.

    • Hie Trisha yes do you hun follow your goals do not let anyone tell that being ambitious is wacky or you are now being bitch f*ck that

  2. Yeah. An ambitious woman doesn’t settle 4 d less. All these attributes talk about me. We are warriors. Life is not always fair. U have to fight for what you want

  3. I really love this post,it encouraged me but my question is :is it right for a 19years like me to be ambitious?..cause my friends always tell me i’m too young for that..please i need ur answer

    • Ambition has no age you can be very ambitious at even 5 years it just shows you are more enlightend than your friends . Don’t lower your ambitions to fit in ??

    • It is not wrong sweety.I started when I was 17,and I am 21 now,I am a secretary of a charity foundation and I will be launching my own foundation very soon.and I am a medical doctor in the making. I also do Editting, writing…. Can go on and on. So dear keep pushing,I think its all about what u are ambitious for….if its positive then go for it. All the best.

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