This billionaire CEO says women make extraordinary leaders

Tilman Fertitta explains why women make extraordinary leaders

Tilman Fertitta explains why women make extraordinary leaders

Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta loves to support small businesses on his CNBC show, “Billion Dollar Buyer.”

During the past three seasons, Fertitta visited many female-owned small businesses that are trying to survive during a time of fluctuating economic growth and losses. From cosmetics products, fresh farm foods and paper goods, Feritta searched for the best products for his massive Landry’s hospitality empire made up of entertainment properties, casinos and restaurants.

What he found were hard-working women running those small companies. He praises them as the best multitaskers on the planet.

“There’s nothing like a woman who can multitask,” Fertitta says “There’s nothing more hardworking than hard-working women.”

He applauds their work ethic and believes there is nothing more special than their ability to juggle as much as they do.

One of the things he’s most proud of is how women are positioned in powerful roles within Landry’s. “I looked up one day and I realized I had women leading these different divisions,” he says. The leadership of women has been one of the keys to success for Fertitta and he wants to continue that trend with small-business owners.

Fertitta is also trying to position his daughter to shed the negative feminine mystique that plagues so many young women. He’s on a mission to empower her to believe she can accomplish anything. And Fertitta has the proof to back up this claim, as 50 to 60 percent of women run major parts of his hospitality business.

With more and more small businesses popping up everyday, Fertitta is sure to run into many that are owned by women. Along the way, he may even find the next business mogul to rival his own empire one day.

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