Building your self-esteem

20th January 2017 4

Right Ladies lets talk about self-esteem.  Self-esteem is the opinion we have of ourselves.  You know you have a healthy self-esteem when you are positive […]

How to get out of a stuck position

21st December 2016 6

Wow its already December, what a year we have had in 2016. As you look back retrospectively, you notice you have tried everything and haven’t achieved […]

Why they despise your growth

18th November 2016 9

For the readers who have been following this blog, I last mentioned that at one point I found myself at the rock bottom. Ladies for […]

Tips for self-confidence

11th November 2016 5

There is no doubt that confidence affects every aspect of whom we are, how we interact, relate, build relationships, our body image, and even personal […]

Never give up

7th November 2016 4

Yes, you can be a strong person, determined and tough as a diamond but at times it is inescapable to feel the downside of humanity. […]

Sexual Harrassment at Work

28th October 2016 6

There is never a shortage of lewd comments which are often aimed at women at work, a place meant to allow one to develop their […]

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