Habits of Highly Successful People

BAD or GOOD habits decorate or disfigure our life, either contributing to our failure or dating us with success. Oooh bad habits, those bad bad things that have become come second to nature makes us quit when confronted with challenges and lose patience when opportunities seem to slip away. So what makes successful people push forward against the same challenges that breaks us? What makes them create a life full of accomplishment if they also face the same adverse things that crush us?  It is all about habits, this time around GOOD habits, the sort that builds, the sort that makes one conquer any adversities, the sort that makes you carry on where others quit.
If successful people are winning, why cant you adopt to adapt some of their habits. It doesn’t matter how small or big your goals are, whether its business, relationship or career, given the right attitude you can be successful. The ball is in your court, why not learn these habits by successful people repeat them and build the life you want.

They are passionate

Nothing beats passion. If there is one thing that makes successful people stand out, it is their display of passion for their particular craft, field, or talent. They don’t put money ahead; they just love  what they do. They value the joy they get from doing something they are passionate about. If money were to come it will only complement the happiness they derive from their work. They go about ensuring that their daily habits are centered on things that bring out the best in them. How can they not succeed?

They read
Our minds can only be as innovative and forward thinking if constantly sharpened with information. Reading, be it business magazines, online resources and or books is essential to improve on your knowledge. Successful people like to educate  themselves, whether it is just picking a novel, a how to guide, or business magazines. For successful people reading on a daily basis is a must, it is a way of finding out what strategies works for business, how competitors are performing, catching up with current technologies, catching up with career developments and even understanding changes in market behaviour.
When was the last time you picked a book or when did you last update yourself with changes in your career, health, understanding your business and even keeping yourself motivated?

Plan Strategically
It is common that most people get by without having a proper plan. For successful people a plan is a must have. It is their campus that helps point what needs doing and to what level. They use a plan like road map, the more comprehensive and detailed the better they can achieve their goals. For successful people planning is a means of tracking where there are in relation to their goals. Going along with that, their strategies helps to make them stick to the plan in case they veer off or if things don’t happen as anticipated.

They work hard
The rich quick stories are rare to come by. Most people’s  lives are ridden with different struggles. So before you even judge and be dismissive realise that some of the most successful people have had a fair share of life struggles. People like Oprah and JK Rowling started from nothing.  Nothing but struggle. The one thing that is common to both is they worked hard to change their lives. In many cases, successful people are where there are because of hard work.  Putting in the hours and constantly working on your goals can certainly lead you to success. Mind you, don’t expect results today or tomorrow. You will notice with successful people, they remain persistent until their hard work pays off. Successful people are ready to put in the hours even when the going gets tough, they are unshakable, unmoved but a resilient lot.

They take feedback

If you are keen on improving yourself, your business, career, sport you have to be willing to accept criticism. A second pair of eyes provide insight into some of the things you might miss. This is by no means seeking for validation but enhancing on what you know.  Successful people utilise the feedback loop. They are aware that without the external input achieving their best might not be possible. There is nothing called pride when you are after success. You can only learn and learn from others, there is nothing embarrassing. If anything it is the less confident and fool hardy who “spite” on feedback.

They take action and don’t procrastinate
Successful people are action takers. Just like you, they at times procrastinate though they have mastered a way of getting things done. They are eager to see their plans come to action by doing everything now. They are keen to take action, its Action and only Action that makes them different.

They take risks
Successful people are mindful that there are risks to be taken. They take measured risks and are far from being averse. By taking the risks, they are aware there is a possibility of failing. Does that stop them, certainly not. To successful people it is even more riskier not to take risks. They can’t bear to live in the what if life, the sort you would regret for not taking a risk.


Successful people believe in organisation. It is a must have. So what makes organisation special? Organisation is the frame that holds everything together. So you can have brilliant work ethic and plan but without organisation you are just everywhere. Successful people know that with organization they can set priorities and goals. Knowing what is urgent and need doing now, or what can wait but still important gives you control and ability to steer towards success. How can you keep up when you take a random approach?

It doesn’t matter what field you are into, there is a group,association and network of similar minds and interest. Successful people understand the value in mingling and exchanging ideas with others. To successful people they are gains derived from collaboration and networking.
If you want to roar you better surround yourself with lions because they vibrate at the same level with you.
Some people can be so good (pun intended) with cash, be it from salary, sales or otherwise. To them money is about spending on lavish goods even when they are skirting on a lemonade budget. For a successful person, frugality is about being thrifty. Each dollar spent should bring more value otherwise if not they economise on it. They are hardly wasteful, living a simple life which makes them more efficient when it comes to budgeting, spending and saving.

Talking about habits may seem not so important but when well mastered they can make a difference.We cant trivialise the role of habits given their significance and influence towards our outlook and ultimately drive towards success. I leave you with a few observations. In some way successful people are selective when it comes to habits; they only pick and groom the kind that contribute to their success. They know that, bad habits can stunt one’s growth and make them lose opportunities.

No need to sulk, its not all that bleak. I have good news for you today. If you wish to be successful cultivating these positive habits will take little or no effort compared to developing bad ones. Only you can conquer and replace your bad habits. We are then what we repeatedly do, excellence, is not an act but a habit –Aristole


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    • Wow, what a drive. You must begin to notice a change even in the way you approach things,your mind becomes healthier and more receptive. Well done, there is no stopping now

  1. Love love your facebook page it’s so inspiring I have just sent you a message. Thank you for this blog I’m motivated than ever keep it coming

  2. this is the first article am reading and its so intriguing… waiting for more… keep them coming. love the quote by Aristole.we are then what we repeatedly do,excellence is not an act but a habit.thanks

  3. Love this article. It came at the right point and time on my new journey into entrepreneurship. Thank you Sheconquers

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