How to welcome uncertainty into your life and release your worry



Sometimes we feel like we are walking a tight rope as we try to balance all unknown things in our life. When life happens it brings shitty uncertain situations that stresses us out. Most of us like to think ahead, to figure out everything, to try and control things and we lose it the moment we feel like we aren’t in control. At times we are more pre-occupied with worries not sure if we can succeed against all unknowns. It’s a feeling that is almost common to many of us.

As of 2020, we are certainly living in uncertain confusing times. Corona Virus pandemic has left us questioning an uncertain future. Every day we have more questions, more unknowns and less answers. We replay a number of questions, “ am I going to still have a job, Is the business going to survive, is my health going to be better and am I going to secure a place to live.”

All this unsettles our dire need to have security, control and stability. So no doubt the pandemic has heightened sense of fear, stress, raised a lot more what if questions. Life changed very fast very quickly in ways never imagined.

Living in uncertain times can make you feel exhausted, worried and depressed. You are not alone, many of us struggle with unknowns. We tend to use worry as a way of feeling like we are in control. We worry about the future, about uncertainties but this doesn’t change the outcome. Instead worrying can create issues with your mental health and make you anxious. You lose the feel of the present as you are always in between the past and future but never here.

Here are ways that can help you to cope;


Focus on what you can control

No matter how many things seem uncertain even during Covid times, they are things that you can control. However uncertain things can be, you can start by controlling your thoughts. Yes, you could be facing a situation but it doesn’t mean focusing on it 24 hours a day entertaining negative thoughts. That will only make you worry more.  Granted you won’t have control of some things but you are not completely powerless.  You definitely can control the time you spend watching news on recession, politics, wars, corona pandemic and other depressing stuff. Instead you can spend time on things you have control over. Maybe take time to do things you enjoy such as painting, gardening, going for an adventure or even chilling and resetting your mind.

Focusing on things you can change shift your mind from worrying to taking action. Instead of getting sucked into things that consume you, you could pick a book on mindfulness, go for a walk and speak to people who you share similar interest with.

Accept uncertainty

Everything we go though in this life is full of uncertainties. Anything can happen when you walk across the street, go for a drive, when you jogging or when play a sport. It’s just reality of life – it’s full of unknowns.  But despite associated uncertainties, you still take your dog for a walk, you still drive on the motorway, still travel abroad because you don’t much focus on the uncertainty-You just carry on. No worries, no fears but living.

So whatever you intend to do, instead of worrying over a situation, you can say ooh this is new but I am willing to see how I can best manage. Being comfortable in our comfort zones doesn’t change us, we only grow when we move into uncomfortable zones. The uncomfortable zone changes our perspectives, thinking and we can even realise big opportunities we never thought existed.   So trust in the unknown, the universe has your back and wants what is best for you. In the end its all worth it

Be present

I wish I could change my job, I wish my house was bigger, I want to move to a different country…the list goes on. Don’t get me wrong it’s good to have goals and visions but if your mind never stops to appreciate what you have today, it creates worry. When our thoughts are constantly sending us to an uncertain future, we worry because of fear of the unknown.

Instead, why not draw your mind to today. Try to focus on the present, things that are happening now. Living is connecting to the present. You need to control your thoughts so every time your mind sends you back and forth you are aware. Being mindful makes you focus on the now, the right here moment. It shifts your mind from being in the past or future but being in the very now-the present. And that is where you want to be. It takes practicing but when you can shut your thoughts, your mind is set free and you begin to enjoy the present.


Just do it anyway

As counter-intuitive as this sounds sometimes you just have to confront the uncertainty head on.  You don’t have to shy away from the unknown despite it being new to you. Why don’t you accept it’s here, accept the possibilities. Realise opportunities don’t always present themselves in known situations. The economy might be down but that can be an opportunity for you to start that new business you have been dreaming of. So go ahead and face the unknown because it could just be the best thing the universe is aligning for you.


“When you become comfortable with uncertainty, Infinite possibilities open up in your life.” — Eckhart Tolle


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