Little shifts that makes you live stress a free life

Don’t they say little drops of water make the might ocean, or great fires start from little sparks. Just as well, no-one just wakes up great, be a genius, successful or accomplished. It all starts with little steps and things you do daily. In the same manner, you don’t just suddenly get stressed in life. There are those little things you miss on daily that build up and stop you from achieving your goals and accomplishing your dreams. In many instances your life is build or impacted on by small things. Ever thought what could happen over a stretch of years if you repeatedly  fail to correct little things that have an effect on your growth and quality of life. The little things you miss on eventually leave you dealing with overwhelming debt, failing business or career and with that a stressful life.

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14 Comments on Little shifts that makes you live stress a free life

  1. I enjoyed the video, l worry more about dealing with the big dreams but think less of the little that can be done today, bravo

    • Busy is the greatest threat to achievement. You need to filter out things that needs doing and execute them to your very best

    • Learning to say No can fee up your mind, time and resources. Obviously this is not to say help when you can or be there for someone when you can. Its about getting the right balance

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