Never apologize for being a powerful woman

I have such admiration for powerful women as there is a certain vibe about them.  We are self-driven, feisty, determined, much more clearer on what we want and hell yes  we get sh*t done . We never hesitate to listen to our gut instincts, take on the lead and are comfortable to express our opinions saying No if we have to.  We make fierce friends, family and stand by what we believe in. We are hardly pretentious or compromising especially when it comes to virtues but we are always confident to speak our mind.  We exude so much brilliancy that leaves many in awe but send waves of intimidation to others that are in the habit of belittling a powerful woman’s pride.

Whatever the thinking, whatever the reason, apologizing for being a powerful woman only serve to put you in a compliant position. No-one should apologize for being a powerful woman and here is why;

You know yourself better

When it comes to what is best for you, there is no left or right – you know that you are the master, the custodian and the bearer of your life. It doesn’t matter how you were raised, what expectations are put on you by family, friends or society. You know what you want far better despite what others might think is your best suited career, business, sports or direction in life.   You know which career to go for, you are either interested in being in a relationship or not, to start a family or not, to be in a business or not. You know very well that there is no-one who can create the best version of yourself and you never wait for anyone to show you the way, to take lead and dictate how you should live.  You are never hoodwinked to the notion that your worthy is based on how others view you or seek for validation so you can accepted by people.

“If you live for people’s acceptance, you’ll die from their rejection.” – Lecrae

You know what you want

How often do we encounter people who are ever changing their mind about what they want or even get influenced to shift their thinking and values. It doesn’t matter how badly they might want something or how much they dislike it, they can change so quickly to just fit.  As  powerful women, you find such behaviour strange and unacceptable. Instead, you are in the know of what you want, how you are going to get it and what you can’t entertain. There is no fussiness or grey areas.  You don’t get pushed about because you stand with what you believe. When you say Yes you just mean it in the same way when you say No. With you there is no ifs or no buts.

You are enough, without anyone else’s stamp, without anyone else’s validation or approval- Brandi Harvey

You know your place

As a woman you know being powerful never makes you any less affectionate, compassionate, loving and caring. When there is need you reach out to family and friends, share the much needed love and care. You naturally have it in you to love and display compassion. What you are not prepared to do, is to do Nothing whilst either you or those you care for get hurt. You always know where the boundaries lie, anyone who dare crosses them will unfortunately get put in their place. You will not hesitate to show your displeasure and speak your mind.

You confidently express your opinions

So there is the obvious glaring existing  difference between men and women. For one, men get paid more than women doing the same work. And there is us taking tons of initiative, being driven, confident and assertive and never shy away from expressing our opinions. We aren’t intimidated to contribute or share our opinions even when we are expected to be a yes person. Being, shy, docile or merely a yes person isn’t your thing. When an opportunity to voice your opinions presents itself, you get it across with much confidence despite how you can viewed. To you it is about putting across well measured, calculated and applicable thoughts that can’t be watered down. You are ready to stand by your opinions because you believe them. It is common that people are bound to disagree at some point, but no one should make you apologize for having a different opinion otherwise there ain’t worth your time.

“It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent.” —Madeleine Albright

You are a Goal-Getter 

Talk of double standards, people are quick to praise self-driven boys and often take them as successful. Try the same. Your drive and determination as a powerful woman is seen as being arrogant. Don’t be surprised, the  moment they notice you are powerful they will attempt to box you using the most frivolous statements and opinions. Take no notice, when they try to wear your ambitions down, work even more, when they try to dwarf your achievements, grow taller and tower over them.  It is surprising how such people will never admit that they fear a powerful woman, they haven’t got a clue on how to handle your glory and grace.

Because I am a woman, I must make unusual efforts to succeed. If I fail, no-one will say, “She doesn’t have what it takes.” They will say, “Women don’t have what it takes. – Clare Boothe Luce

You Set Standards and Stick to Them

It is never an easy feat to go through the usual challenges in life and to be at the level you desire to be. No kidding, sometimes things can be twice as hard for us women, even getting opportunities can be twice more difficult. Now that you have gone through it all, you set yourself that high bar. You only intend to maintain or even improve yourself to continue to succeed. You set standards in place and make it a point to uphold them. Unfortunately as a bold and decisive person you will be ridiculed for wanting to stick to your standards. You get this from everyone at workplaces, from family or friends and anyone who find it tough to uphold your expectations. You are more likely to be called all sorts of names  from she is nuts, very bossy or even a bitch.

Your priorities are on point

Life is about making choices and getting your priorities right. You are clear on what matters and in what order. You have a deepened sense of commitment to yourself and understand the voices that lie beneath. You are never afraid to commit to your priorities despite the opinions from others. Yes, you leave room for advice but primarily you put weight on your priorities. That is where your real strength lies. You know what works for you, what can make you make the difference and like-wise what doesn’t. You are ready to deliver on things that matter most to you, committing your resources, energy and focus on your priorities. Everything else come second.

You never hesitate to take lead

You have the know-how, the charisma, determination and desire to take on challenges and push further. You are comfortable taking on risks because you know that’s where opportunities lies. With such attitude and combined with your strategic thinking, you are ready to take on other like-minded, men or women. Your ability to lead just comes naturally supporting those who need your guidance. You are more fitting to be  in the position to lead. They are however those who find your leadership as sheer arrogance as they want to make you feel unambitious and regret your achievement. Talk about being counter-intuitive.

“Women are leaders everywhere you look—from the CEO who runs a Fortune 500 company to the housewife who raises her children and heads her household. Our country was built by strong women, and we will continue to break down walls and defy stereotypes.” Nancy Pelosi

You aren’t just independent but intuitive.

Your approach to whatever you do is a factor of your confidence and instincts. You aren’t pre-occupied with the what ifs or over reliant on input by others. You are self-driven and have the desire to want to get things with or without the input from others for as long as it feels right. As usual its expected some people will find you as a threat. You will get all sorts, underhanded  comments,  raised  eyebrows, and underhanded comments. They want you to be a victim of your independence the reason they want you to have to prove things  over and over again. For anyone who can’t handle you as powerful woman they need to access the next time travel machine and find themselves back in the 1920s.


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29 Comments on Never apologize for being a powerful woman

    • No woman will be powerful without having self confidence and self worthy..
      My advice to you is that should be the one to change some of the unlikely traditional value ..and to tell you the truth if that still exist in your areas ..girls it’s time and chance for you to left a footprint ..its big opportunity.If it bother you ,I’m sure you will defeat it no matter what but if not will keep on asking for help ..and nobody will going to help you if you won’t show any efforts.??❤❤???hope you got my point

  1. I know other powerful women who continue to be shamed, I make it point that they take me for who I am, the names don’t matter, it wont change me..bravo to this

    • Yes Ahimsa they can ca us all the names they want this just goes to prove they want to keep us down and they are intimidated . We will continue to stand in our power

  2. You have spoken for all women across the world, needed this more. I get it that we live in a patriarchal society, but not for long, time for us is here. No apologies from me

  3. No apologies at all my former work place they used to call me bitch because I voiced my opinions. Absolutely love this post we need more powerful women

    • More woman need to voice there commit out load and stop worrying about if they do they might loose there job from it there needs to be more people like you I know I’m one of them that will speak up.

    • Yes She Conquers is a very powerful business that i hope will stay in business for women it gives them hope they learn from the post you give them something to fight for getting back on there feet to never stay down. You teach to never give up know matter what your going threw or have been threw there healing in this as you grow and move on with your life. Thank you for all the inspiring you do for all woman around the world.

  4. Keep inspiring woman across the world that look for your post on a daily basic. My grand daughter who is becoming a young woman you have inspired her daily on what you post and her and can discuss it later on means alot to me. So keep up the good post that you do keep on amazing woman with she Conqueres.

  5. This is the kind of posts that just awakens something inside, you spoke to me and l guess to other women

  6. Can’t fathom why societies dispise an independent and powerful woman, can’t even get started with Equal opportunities, the boardrooms are just full of men,we can lead and jolly well do it better,l liked this

    • Charlotte, a powerful woman is foremost caring, and ensures her family is happy. There is nothing about you that changes the way you relate because you know what is right for you and you are ready to treat and be treated fairly. All the same when you feel you are being short changed or boundaries are being crossed, you speak your mind. You put across your thoughts and make it a point that your expectations are met.

  7. I have lost count how many times l have had to apologize for expressing my voice, l wasn’t being unreasonable after all

  8. As women we have gone through a lot, we still going through a lot of unfair stuff but this shows noone can stop our drive

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