Tips to turn around a bad experience

We all fail so don’t run away from it

Whatever you do, there is a chance that you will fail. Everyone fails. There is no need to spend your life ducking from failure.  I know you are committed to changing your life. You put in the hard work and long hours but never push through your comfort zone because of the imagined consequence of failure.

Running from failure is like running from your own shadows. Shadows don’t always appear but when they do its not something you can run from. So, you my dear you can try by all means to run away from failure all you want. You can continue to live your life in your comfort zone, avoid taking be content with where you are. Don’t be surprised though with how others are reaching greater heights whilst you remain. They took risks, embraced failure and marched on. Never hesitate to take on opportunities because you might fail, it doesn’t matter how many times you fall, you fail, fail as many times but keep failing forward. Keep trying again and gain and surely something will give.
But there’s a difference. A difference between those who succeed and those who don’t. And the difference lies solely in your ability to fail…and get up and try again.

Because you will go off track. You will make mistakes. You will have days and weeks and months that don’t go your way. And that’s ok. You will come out on top. You will win. You will succeed. I promise. Just as long as you’re willing to keep getting back up and trying again and again and again. Because the only way to guarantee failure is to quit.

So don’t quit. Grit your teeth. Stand back up. And keep on fighting. You got this.

You are never alone

Times can be tough, life can be overbearing, struggles are real and sometimes you feel like you are alone. We all go through this. You are never alone, we all through shitty stuff, hit hard times go through the emotions.

There is nothing more difficult than being lonely or feeling like you cant get support when your chips are down. You got all the support you need,  Articulate your story and you will be surprised how much support there is for you. You will have some shoulder to cry on, someone to listen to you, encourage you and motivate you. You got you some real good supportive friends.

Never focus on what is going wrong

At any given time there is a chance that things will go wrong. There are times that you feel you have made wrong decisions or made costly mistakes. That is only natural. Such an experience is at times non-avoidable. What matters though is your actions when that time comes. Do you spend your energy on things that aren’t going well? No. Even if it means 99% of things are going wrong, focus on the 1%. Utilise your energy to build that 1% because that is the only way you can start shaping up and even start regaining your life.

Whatever you, for as long as you keep the momentum in the right zone, you will create significant shifts.  –Continue to push, continue to persist and I am certain you will turn around things.

Whenever the stakes are against you, remind yourself that you are bigger than your challenges and that you will win if you remain relentless. Nothing good comes easily, the journey is always bound to be tough but the results, in the end, are always beautiful.


Work in silence, you don’t owe anyone an explanation

I know at times we find ourselves sharing our plans, goals, and dreams with those in our close circles. Sharing your dreams has its place especially when you want accountability. However, sometimes you just need to grind quietly. You don’t owe anyone any explanation of what it is you are working on. Let the results speak for themselves.

Just constantly working on your goals in silences givens you power and energy to get stuff done. Instead of taking time to explain things to anyone who cares to listen, use that energy to do a little more for yourself.
When you work in silence you are likely to focus, maintain a sense of self and have a perspective.

Be realistic about your expectations
Yes, we all need to be seen to be moving forward, making progress but that doesn’t mean you should choke yourself and leave no room for setbacks, disappointments and even mistakes. It is foolhardy to even think that because you are set on something it means the world should be perfect and that nothing should go against you. Sorry but I cant make that promise, you will get ill, you will have days when you are less motivated and you will make mistakes.

So don’t go about holding yourself to unrealistic expectations, the wheels do come off at times. What matters is what you do after. Instead of bashing yourself, focus on what you can do to changes things and be back on course. I am not saying its easy. Hell no, its never is but you can only make realistic progress if you are honest with yourself the rest is just sheer bullshit.

People will always have an opinion

People are social creatures. Whatever chance they get, they will talk. The things people say are at times unbelievable, discouraging and even take aim at your goals or dreams. When you pay attention and listen to people you are likely to get discouraged. Some will come across as Samaritans trying to save you from making a monumental mistake, or from losing all your money that you are about to invest, or from wasting time building the career your dream off. Dream Killers. Shut them off, stay away from them and never give them a chance.





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  1. I have always thought because I am always chasing my own goals, there is no need to ask for help. Sometimes I am down and help is probably the only way out. I like the post

  2. I do feel like I’m that one person that feels alone as the problem prolongs. I needed to hear that we all go through this, that it’s a ‘norm’.

    Great article.. Thank YOU ! ?

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