Your current situation is not your final destination

Growing up I always thought life had to be perfect. In-fact it nearly was till it threw me to the rock bottom and everything changed completely. At first I was in complete denial. I tried so many times and in so many ways to sugar coat my challenges, but the harder I tried the more I got anxious. With anxiety came stress together with deterioration in mental and personal health. It was only after going through the quote below and giving it serious thoughts that I knew that yes life has its sorrows but the best was still to come. Today you could be in a position I was, you are mourning a loved one, you have lost a dream job or business is failing.

We all go through un-favourable circumstances in life from time to time in some shape, form or fashion.  If endured and persevered through, such situations can be overcome only if we don’t lose our hope for better days ahead and are willing to do our part to bring those better days to pass.

Life is never short of ups and downs, if anything we experience such moments when we least expect. You might be currently experiencing your worst crisis in life where the pain is unbearable and stress is at its peak. You constantly have anxieties because at every turn you are being driven to the bottom.

One can’t be blamed for thinking that the universe has turned its back. Whilst still understanding the changes happening around you, your dear friends and sometimes family start to wean away. However, if it is any consolation, you are not alone in this situation. It is when you are at the bottom that anxiety level reaches a high peak anticipating that the next moment might just be your way out. When the few possible chances for your salvation passes by fear creeps in. You begin to hear loud voices from within telling you that this is how it ends for you. Such voices if listened to can make you succumb and settle. Fortunately for every fall there is a rise, so it certainly isn’t the end for you.

When you have been truly exhausted, your mind and body are tempted to give up. You hardly have any energy to help you keep going and everything looks impossible, hence the choice to let it decrease down comes as a possible thought. Unfortunately, this option only serves as a temporal relief but the reality is that the pain will mount on further. You will certainly lose control of your life and future. You can decide to either rebuild your battered life or let it decrease down.

When life happens, whether the circumstances are complex or the problems seem insurmountable, the most functional response to getting knocked down is to get back up. This is not an easy task and by no means a simple thing but it is the only direction to take. You need to harness your energy and build new attitude, faith and hope that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. This is paramount in allowing your faculties to digest, re-focus and take the next step.

You’ve got to maintain the belief that no matter how it may seem, the universe isn’t stacked against you. You have to remember always that the dirt is the fertile ground where you grow. In your moment of darkness, you are like a seed that needs to trust the darkness that soon it will be thrust out towards fertile direction. It is in your worst ties that you get shaped, grow, have new perspectives and are ready to confront anything in life.

As counter-intuitive as this might sounds, you are best shaped when you are at the rock bottom before rising again. Your battles with life challenges be it health, marriage or relationships  makes you a stronger person with a broader perspective. It is only when you feel cornered that you dig deeper to neutralise prevailing threats and challenges. When you belt out that inner energy it brings out more of you than you could under normal circumstances. When you continuously channel your energy towards dealing with your immediate situation, you develop thick skin readying yourself for whatever life throws.

Remember an arrow is only drawn backward before it shoots forwards at great speed and power. No-matter the drawbacks, you are being prepared to go forth and reach your pinnacle. The rock bottom doesn’t define you, it can never cocoon or contain your energy. Life could have thrown tortuous curves but you are the best person to navigate so stay positive and this too will pass.

You see, your current circumstance does not determine your future…you do. In the face of adversity or “sucky” situations, the best antidote is to be strong, be encouraged and take action steps in the direction of what we want to see in our lives. STAY STRONG THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!



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  1. Yes,love this!your current circumstance does not determine your future…work hard, be patient and everything you need will come to you at the perfect time.

  2. Wow! You amaze everytime. Your message was at the perfect time. I love your quote an arrow has to pull back before it shoots forward with power and speed. Your blog made me cry. God Bless You ?? thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh my god, I pray for an intervention, courage and direction everyday as I feel I am trapped at the rock bottom. You have shown me the light

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